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Giải Getting started Unit 4 SGK Tiếng Anh 8 mới


Bài 1a

Task 1. Listen and read.

(Nghe và đọc.)

A Lesson on Customs and Traditions

Teacher: Today we’re going to learn about customs and traditions. Do you think they’re the same?

Mi: I think they’re different, but it’s hard to explain how.

Nick: In my opinion, a custom is something that has become an accepted way of doing things. And a tradition is something we do that is special and is passed down through the generations.

Teacher: Yes, spot on! Give me an example of a custom.

Mai: My family has this custom of eating dinner at 7 p.m. sharp.

Teacher: Really?

Mai: Yes, we have to be at the dinner table on time.

Teacher: That’s interesting! How about a tradition, Phong?

Phong: We have a family tradition of visiting the pagoda on the first day of every lunar month.

Nick: You’re kidding!

Phong: No, no. We’ve followed this tradition for generations.

Teacher: You’ve mentioned family, but what about social customs and traditions, Nick?

Nick: Well, in the UK there are lots of customs for table manners. For example, we have to use a knife and fork at dinner. Then, there’s a British tradition of having afternoon tea at 4 p.m.

Teacher: Sounds lovely! Now, for homework, you should find information about a custom or tradition. You’re doing mini presentations next week…

Giải Getting started Unit 4 SGK Tiếng Anh 8 mới

a. Find a word/ phrase that means:

(Tìm một từ hoặc cụm từ mà có nghĩa:)

1. agreed

2. grandparents, parents, and children

3. totally correct

4. exactly on time

5. relating to human society

6. a polite way of eating at the dinner table

Phương pháp giải:

Dịch bài hội thoại:

Lời giải chi tiết:

Word / Phrase (Từ/ Cụm từ)

Meaning (Nghĩa)

1. agreed

(đồng ý)


(chấp nhận)

2. grandparents, parents, and children

(ông bà, cha mẹ, và trẻ em)


(thế hệ)

3. totally correct

(hoàn toàn chính xác)

spot on

(chỉ điểm)

4. exactly on time

(chính xác về thời gian)


(sắc nét, chuẩn xác)

5. relating to human society

(liên quan đến xã hội loài người)


(xã hội)

6. a polite way of eating at the dinner table

(phép lịch sự khi ăn tại bàn ăn)

table manners

(văn hóa ứng xử tại bàn ăn)

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