Rhodesian Labrador: Rhodesian Ridgeback Lab Mix Guide



The rhodesian Ridgeback Lab mix is a couturier breed that originated and rose to popularity with the drift of hybrid dogs .
rhodesian Labrador is a cross between the Rhodesian Ridgeback and US ’ s most democratic chase, the Labrador Retriever .
The crossbreed vogue and popularity of both parent breeds have made this mix of high gear need in the United States .
It is besides intelligent as its parents, a asset on its side. popularity does mean you should be more prudent to avoid a pet that ’ s ailing bred .
besides, its popularity doesn ’ t mechanically make it a suitable breed for you. Being a good pet rear starts from knowing all about your prefer breed .
personality and energy are factors that may be a deterrent for you .
Like many other mix breeds, it besides has an unusual appearance which depends a distribute on the genetic combination of the parents .
Read on to learn more .

rhodesian Labrador Mixed Breed Information

Height 22 to 27 inches
Weight 70 to 80 pounds
Lifespan 10 to 12 years
Coat Short, medium, dense
Colors Black, fawn, red, sable, isabella, yellow, chocolate
Temperament Calm, confident, stubborn
Ideal For Active families, experienced owners
Recognized by Dog Registry of America (DRA)
Puppy Price $750 – $1000

rhodesian Ridgeback Lab Mix Puppy Characteristics

Health High
Grooming Low
Friendliness Medium
Energy High
Trainability Medium

The Parent Breed

Rhodesian Ridgeback x Labrador RetrieverRhodesian Ridgeback (left) x Labrador Retriever (right)

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Recognized by the american Kennel Club in 1955, the rhodesian Ridgeback originated from South Africa and was developed to be a search pawl .
It besides played the function of a home defender, which continues to play in modern homes. The rhodesian Ridgeback is an excellent guard pawl .
Its name was gotten from the most classifiable feature of speech on its skin, a ridge that stretches through the spine .
The fact that it hunted lions added to its appeal, and one would expect a audacious canine. This breed doesn ’ t disappoint .
Added to the courage is its wariness of strangers, a quality that ’ mho good for a defender dog .
With good education, the rhodesian Ridgeback has no aggressive tendencies. It is stubborn, though, and needs an have owner .
The rhodesian Ridgeback is a medium to a large-sized cad breed, the males being bigger ( altitude 25 to 27 inches, weight 79 to 90 pounds ) than the females ( acme 24 to 26 inches, weight 64 to 75 pounds ) .
It has a muscular skeletal system, a inadequate coat and often has a red color with white marks on its chest and paw. It besides has either a black or brown nose .

Labrador Retriever

Recognized by the AKC in 1917, the Labrador Retriever is the most popular andiron breed in the United States today and has held that position for a farseeing time .
It originated from Newfoundlands Island and was developed to retrieve fish for fishermen. It besides served as companions for the fishermen ’ south families .
Although they were once endangered in the 1880s and faced extinction, their fame increased after the second World War .
Its warm personality contributes to its overall charm. The Lab is a sweetness, eager to please, and intelligent frank breed .
Unlike some early retrievers and proletarian dogs, it is suitable for first-time dog owners because it is comfortable to train. It besides loves activeness, though some can be more laid-back .
male Labradors stand at 22 to 24 inches and weigh 65 to 80 pounds, while the females stand at 21 to 23 inches, with a system of weights of 55 to 70 pounds .
They have a short and dense coat that is rainproof and greasy, enabling it to swim without getting disgusted. The coat comes in three colors : Black, jaundiced, chocolate .

important Facts About the rhodesian Ridgeback Lab Mix You Should Know

Rhodesian Ridgeback Lab Mix Standing on snowMeet Skippy, an 8-year-old Rhodesian Labrador mix. @dolcebay

1. rhodesian Labradors are protective

due to the hunting instincts of both parents and the defender character played by the rhodesian Ridgeback, the shuffle has a protective streak .
It guards its territory against intruders, though it is not excessively fishy of strangers, making it easier to socialize them without taking away the defender side .

2. It is a moo care frump

An top to owning the rhodesian Labrador hybrid is the low-maintenance coat it has. This is unlike many early chase breeds of the same size .
even during shedding seasons, it is easily to clean up after a member of this mix breed .
Grooming needs are low, making it a job you can undertake without professional services .

3. The Mix appearance and temperament varies

The rhodesian Ridgeback and Labrador Retriever are close in weight but are dissimilar in looks and behavior .
While there are some traits you ’ re likely to find in the offspring, no two rhodesian Labrador mix dogs expression and act the same .

4. Its parent, the rhodesian Ridgeback, was a leo hunter

The south african native engender is frequently regarded with awe by Americans, not just because it was a orion, but because of its prey .
This breed was developed to go against the alleged King of Animals and bring the latter down. One should think twice ahead getting in the direction of this Zulu canine .

Since its ascent to the circus tent in 1991, the Labrador Retriever has retained that placement for 30 years .
Because it is a friendly dog that plays many roles and is an excellent first-time chase, many favored parents start their travel with this breed .

rhodesian Labrador Appearance

General Appearance

Like in the first place noted, the rhodesian Ridgeback Lab mix does not have a standard appearance that ’ s the same with every member canine .
even puppies of the like litter may look different .
The ideal wish of many positron emission tomography parents is to have a mix breed that will combine the physical traits of the Labrador and the rhodesian Ridgeback .
however, this may not always be the case. Some look like the Lab ; others are biased towards the rhodesian rear .
The best way to determine what a rhodesian Lab mix will look like is through its parents .
It may get the muscles of the rhodesian Ridgeback, the lacy toes of the Labrador Retriever, and/or the strong dock of the latter .
Some of the mix canines may have only one webbed foot .


Going through the path of its parents, the rhodesian Lab is either medium or large .
The size may vary, but it won ’ thyroxine be adenine overt as some other couturier breeds .
broadly, they weigh from 70 to 80 pounds and get a stature of 22 to 27 inches. Males are often bigger than females .

Colors and Coat Type

The shuffle coat is normally abruptly and dense like that of its parents. The coat could be water-repellent like that of the Labrador Retriever, but not to the same extent .
The common coat colors you ’ ll find on this shuffle are red, cocoa, black or jaundiced. The coat may besides be fawn .

temperament, Behavior & Intelligence of the rhodesian Labrador Mix

The variations in behavior make it a bit building complex to know what to expect with this interior designer breed .
One can make forecast guesses with the parents, though. Going by the parents ’ traits, some qualities may appear in the offspring .
The mix may not be equally reserved as the rhodesian but may not be equally surpass as the Lab either. When it combines both temperaments, it ’ ll be an ambivert .
Both parents love to attachment with people, so the shuffle will likely do so .
It may either attach to one kin member like the Rhode or contribution equal affection to everyone like the Lab .
Indoors, this breed can maintain composure and calmness. It is not an excessive barker .
therefore, you can have it in an apartment. however, you should make provision for its size and indigence for exercise .
Its intelligence and assurance make it learn and retain commands with facilitate .
however, it tends to inherit the stubbornness of the Rhode, preferably than the easy-going nature of the Lab. It is safer in the hands of a knowledgeable pet parent .
Its defender instincts come into dally when it encounters danger. Ever loyal, this breed does its best to protect its family .
sometimes it can act aggressively to chase away an intruder. socialization can curb this behavior, but do not expect to wholly eradicate it .

Are Rhodesian Ridgeback Lab Mix Good Family Dogs ?

The rhodesian Ridgeback Lab Mix is patriotic, devoted, friendly, and beneficial with kids .
It takes the protectiveness of the rhodesian Ridgeback alongside the warm nature of the Labrador Retriever. together, it makes for a estimable family cad .
however, not every family should own one. Unlike its parent, the Lab, it may be a inadequate choice for new pet parents .
It is besides good for a family who lives an active life style .

Are They Good With early Dogs & Pets ?

The mix can flow with early dogs but will need socialization to not get protective against canines .
When by rights socialized, this breed shouldn ’ t have a trouble in a multi-dog family .
There may be some issues with early pets as this shuffle has hunting instincts. Introduce it to other pets as a puppy and be observant .

How much Does a rhodesian Ridgeback Lab Mix Puppy Cost ?

The rhodesian Lab mix enjoys the popularity of both parents. therefore, you will need a gamey budget to get one .
generally, it is slenderly close in price to the Labrador Retriever but way cheaper than the rhodesian Ridgeback .
Rhode ’ sulfur price range is between $ 1,700 to $ 2,500. With the Lab, expect to spend about $ 800 to $ 1,200 .
The price of the Rhodesian Labrador mix puppy is between $750 to $1,000. It could be more economical to buy the mixed breed.
When getting a architect engender, you must be selective. shuffle breeds with ailing bred parents will give you a hard time.
This phenomenon is more common with popular parents like this desegregate has .
To prevent future veterinarian costs, be diligent adequate to find a reputable breeder .
This breeder should be able to answer any question you have and provide health records and early pieces of information on the breed. If they can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate, find another breeder .
concern to adopt ? many animal activists canvass for borrowing over shop .
It is a cheaper option, and you would be doing a service by giving a lost pup a good home plate .
besides, get relevant information from shelters, including any possible history of abuse, injury, behavioral problems, or possible illnesses .

Caring for a rhodesian Ridgeback and Lab Mix

Food & Nutrition

The rhodesian Labrador meal requirements are similar to other frank breeds its size .
As an energetic culture medium to large-sized breed, its diet should be channeled to its size and energy .
Activity floor matters, besides, as a actor will need more than an apartment pet .
Its core nutrient is protein, similar to early chase breeds. not only does protein supply energy, but it besides helps prevent some aesculapian conditions .
omega-3 fatty acid fatso acids are necessity besides, and water to keep it hydrated .
Its diet should contain glucosamine because this breed is vulnerable to hip and elbow dysplasia .
It is besides prone to bloat, so the kibble of any intersection you get should be big. Do not allow your pawl to rush its food excessively .
We recommend at least 2.5 cups of meal a day for this hybrid. It may be more or less, depending on size and activity degree .
Schedule its meal to get it used to the routine. Do not overfeed it, and besides keep food far from its achieve to avoid free feed .
A engender its size will have more health problems with fleshiness than smaller pooches .
Another gene to consider is age. Pups shouldn ’ triiodothyronine be fed the same as adults. They besides have their specific puppy food that you should stick to till it grows .


As an energetic designer engender, this shuffle should be exercised regularly, specially when it is a companion dog with no daily activity to use up its energy .
lack of exert is bad to their health. Its tendency to gain surfeit weight is unhealthy and can best be prevented with exercise .
however, do not overexercise it as that can cause injuries and joint deterioration .
A few hours walk per day is often adequate to satisfy this breed ’ mho use needs .
Some playtime is besides appropriate, specially if you want your favored to be playful .
While not a universal rule, this breed will need about 2 hours of action in a day and 12 in a week. The hours may be divided into shorter minutes .
While on a walk, keep your pet on a leash. rhodesian Labs have a high prey force that can manifest at any consequence .
It would merely take the sight of flying birds for your pooch to try chase after them. A collar would help you restrain it .
Like food, drill is influenced by old age, size, and bodily process. A puppy should be given inner light exercises and mustn ’ t run due to its finespun bones .
A actor mix may not need as many supernumerary activities as the family pet with nothing to do .
exercise should besides be mental, particularly for an intelligent chase breed like the rhodesian Lab. Through puzzles and early challenging games, challenge its judgment .

Training & Socialization

To reduce the refractory trait, you may face with this mix breed, start training it as a puppy .
It is hazardous to put off training till your positron emission tomography becomes an adult. train should cover every necessary method that would shape up your andiron .
New pet parents are not advised to get the rhodesian Labrador mix .
They ’ ll fare better with the Labrador Retriever parent, whose eagerness to learn and obey makes it easier to train .
The freelancer spirit of the Ridgeback is normally in the mix, making training a more challenging tax .
obedience train is the first process you should implement .
Teach your puppy simpleton commands that it can learn, such as Sit, Down, and Roll. Reward it with a regale when it obeys .
You should besides socialize this breed ascribable to its tendency for protectiveness and wariness against strangers and other dogs.
Left unbalanced, it can make this breed turn aggressive .
housebreak is significant as well because this engender stays indoors sometimes .
You do not want your furniture getting chewed on, sol train your pooch to behave in a living room .
Harsh methods can make this breed get seclude and sulk, so you should never use them .
The ideal owner knows how to be patient and easy so far firm in education .

Grooming Needs

The rhodesian Labrador mix has a low grooming necessitate and can be kept clean with minimum attempt .
It sheds moderately and should be brushed once or twice a week. If the hybrid gets the Lab ’ mho coat, it ’ ll indigence more brush than if it inherits that of the Ridgeback .
Bathing should not be american samoa regular as brush for this breed. Unlike humans, besides much bathe can be damaging to a dog ’ mho skin. only bathe them if they get messy .
The ears of rhodesian Labrador want supernumerary concern as they can get infected .
With a vet-approved ear clean and cotton wool, clean off the excess wax and check out for ear infections .
reduce of nails should besides be done with care. If you ’ re inexperienced in it, hire a groomer .
besides, take care of your frank ’ s teeth with a toothbrush, toothpaste, or dental spray .
Some significant tools you need for grooming are a bristle brush, vacuum cleansing agent, a good shampoo, ear cleansing agent, and alveolar consonant kit .

Health & Conditions

Compared to other breeds, the rhodesian Labrador has a short liveliness span .
however, it is a healthy breed and can live without frequent visits to the veterinarian .
This is because blend breeds are by and large healthier than pure breeds .
That said, it has some aesculapian conditions you should look out for, which include :

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia: These are both joint-related conditions that affect a dog’s movement. Abnormalities in the elbow joint and hip joint leads to this dysplasia. They can render a dog lame. 
  • Bloat: This is a serious illness that should be treated as an emergency. It can cut short a dog’s life span if untreated. Bloating occurs when a dog’s stomach suddenly fills with food and other fluids. 
  • Ear infections: Ear infections are common amongst many dog breeds, and this Mix is one of them. Infections should be treated quickly lest it damages the dog’s hearing. 
  • Hyperthyroidism: Hypothyroidism isn’t too common in this breed, but it can affect it. It is a deficiency of the thyroid gland that can lead to heart and kidney failure. 

refer Questions

How big do rhodesian Ridgeback Labs get ?

The rhodesian Ridgeback is both culture medium and large. It weighs about 70 to 80 pounds and grows up to 27 inches .

How long do rhodesian Ridgeback Lab mixes live ?

The rhodesian Lab Mix doesn ’ t have a very long life span but can be healthy. It can live up to 12 years .

Wrap Up

The rhodesian Ridgeback Lab mix combines two exceptional parent breeds to get some estimable qualities of its own .
rhodesian Labradors are good with kids, loyal to family, and friendly. Its intelligence besides gives it a aim border over many early dog breeds.

The bombastic size, energy, and stubbornness are some of the challenges you may face with this breed, making it perfect for entirely active and feel owners .
If you can handle and train this breed, you ’ ll have an extroverted guard pawl who ’ vitamin d both play and protect when needed .

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