Level Please do not the cat (Joke)

Hi 𝕲𝖆𝖗𝖞 ! Welcome to Level Please Do not The big cat ! This is a joke page.
This page is a joke; it is not meant to be taken seriously and is only for laughs.
Level “Please Do Not The Cat” is an anomalous charge of the Backrooms.

Survival Difficulty: Class Silly Cat 》my name is chicky
》cat cute


Level “ Please Do not The Cat ” is a large victor bedroom consist of a large bed, a television, and other typical furniture one would find in a normal bedroom. To the left of the bedroom is a small tile toilet connected to the bedroom with a blank door. There are no entities found in this horizontal surface, so it can possibly be used as recourse. On the bed there is a curious calico big cat. Above the kat there is a sign that merely reads “ Please Do not The Cat ”. Do not the vomit under any circumstances .


The Cat

The Cat is a curious vomit sitting on the layer. Whatever you do, DO NOT THE CAT .

How to the computerized tomography

It is not precisely known what it means to “ the cat ”. What is known that all Wanderers that have decided to the kat have being killed in increasingly violent ways. The vomit is otherwise friendly, allowing you to pet it, feed it, and it acts as an overall normal housecat .


Wanderer 1 decided that he would not the guy .

leave : Wanderer 1 send to The Promised Land for well morals .

Wanderer 2 made the decision to the kat .

consequence : Wanderer 2 transport to The Void for his severe actions .

Wanderer 3 said “ deez nuts ” to the kat .

result : spider 3 was sent to Level YouTube, where all the 9 year olds belong .

Wanderer 4 repeated “ Please do not the cat ” repeatedly .

consequence : wanderer 4 was sent to The Frontrooms as a reward .

Wanderer 5 entered with his dog .

consequence : spider 5 was kicked out and sent to a drove of Smilers. The cat-o’-nine-tails hates dogs .

Wanderer 6 told the big cat he wanted to have a bad time .

resultant role : computerized tomography ‘s left eye turned blue sky. Wanderer 6 was thrown across the room many times, killing him .

Wanderer 7 told the computerized tomography the integral lore of a television bet on .

leave : spider 7 was teleported to Level 3999 .

Wanderer 8 petted the cat .

result : wanderer 8 got genuine rejoice because the kat purred .

Wanderer 9 was scared of cats and attempted to chase the computerized tomography away .

leave : wanderer 9 got scratched by the caterpillar and bled to death.

Wanderer 10 said “ Please do not the dog ”

result : spider 10 died immediately .

leave : The spider ‘s top half was ripped clean off, with equitable his spur sticking out from the bottom half, killing him immediately .

Wanderer 12 said “ I love you big cat ”

The cat had allowed him to give them belly rubs/scratches .

Partygoer entered the level

result : partygoer was mauled and eaten by the vomit .

Wanderer 13 used a puppet of themself so they could the guy

solution : A puppet of the cat mauled both Wanderer 13 and his puppet .

Wanderer 14 did something pertain to 2020 humor

result : cat did not laugh .
result : entity was sent to Level Fun, where all the clowns belong to .

Wanderer 15 was allergic to cats and started sneezing

result : spider 15 died, and their body disappeared for some argue .

Wanderer 16 tried kill the kat

resultant role : Wanderer 16 ceased to exist

Wanderer 17 said Please do not the butter frank

consequence : wanderer 17 got teleported into Level Butter Dog

Wanderer 18 promised to sit in a corner and not do anything during his stay

solution : The kat gave him food and water to ensure he would never die. What a nice cat-o’-nine-tails !

leave : wanderer 19 was slaughtered by the cat to make the Found Footage video recording generic .

Wanderer 20 said “ Oh Boy, I Hope Nothing Bad Would Happen To This Levels Info page ! ”

result : person deleted more than half of the Wanderer Outcomes. ( Sorry Spoffi, This Is In Honor Of The Good Outcomes Created. )

Wanderer 21 said “ * * * * you, cat. ”

leave : The spider was put into a cell which inside it the wanderer felt ( and will continue felling ) infinite pain that never will have any end, and everything mentioning the wanderer in The Frontrooms disappeared, along with the people ’ sulfur memories of the wanderer, A worse fortune to the ones who did the cat-o’-nine-tails .

Colonies and Outposts

Those who Did not The big cat

Those who did not the big cat are an outpost of 70 people that are partying outside. They will probable be chanting “ Please do not the cat-o’-nine-tails. “, they went insane a hanker clock ago.

Those who Did The Cat .

Those who the guy live in the bathroom. They have been doomed to forever live in annoyance, suffer and agony, for they have Done The Cat .

The Cat Lovers

The Cat Lovers live mighty adjacent to the cat on the shock next to the guy ‘s layer. They pet the computerized tomography day by day and are willing to trade, but only for cat-o’-nine-tails food or purify water .

Entrances and Exits


  • Finding a cat and saying to another wanderer or entity “Please do not the cat” will bring you here.
  • Noclip into a photo of a cat in Level Twitter to go here.
  • If you try to cat the cat similar to the image in “Please do not the Cat” in Level Meow, you’ll be teleported here
  • Finding a cat plushie in The Bedrooms and sleep with it will send you here
  • Finding a cat in Level 947 (0.042069%) and petting it will lead you here


  • If you do not the cat, you will be sent to The Promised Land.
  • If you the cat, you will be sent to The Void.
  • Leaving through the door will take you to the level you were in before.
  • Saying “Please do not the cat” repeatedly will bring you to The Frontrooms.
  • Telling the cat the lore of a video game will teleport you to Level 3999.
  • Telling the cat please do not the butter dog teleports you to Level Butter Dog.
  • Telling the cat UwU teleports you to The UwURooms (Joke)
  • sitting with the cat will send you to level 11
  • Saying “Do the cat” more than 10 times will knock you out and wake up in grade ! ^ !.
  • Saying “I want to go back to the original backrooms” will teleport you to Level 0
  • Saying “That’s how you do it!” will teleport you to Friday Night Funkin’
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