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Heartworms are coarse in dogs throughout the United States ( cats can have them, excessively ). They are among the most damage parasites in dogs but they are about 100 percentage preventable. Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitoes and, once mature, they live in the heart and big blood vessels of the lungs. pornographic heartworms can measure over one foot in length. View the heartworm disease infection rate forecast for your local area at

How will heartworms affect my dog?

The heartworm larva deposited by the run mosquito finally migrate to the chambers of the heart or into the vessels of the lungs. once in the heart, the worms can affect blood flow throughout the body. Heartworm infection can affect many different organs of the dog—heart, lungs, kidneys, and liver, for example—so symptoms may be varied. Most normally though, signs of heart or lung disease are portray. A veterinarian may suspect that a chase has been infected if an active animal tires easily or shows shortness of breath or cough. early in the disease, dogs are frequently asymptomatic. Signs are often progressive over weeks to months and untreated, heartworm infection can be fateful .

Testing for heartworm infection

lineage tests are most normally used to diagnose heartworm infection in dogs. An in-house riddle test run by your veterinarian may be followed by a collateral lineage test sent to an outside lab. other tests frequently employed in determining the extent and badness of heartwom infection in a frump include blood tests of kidney and liver affair, x-rays of the chest and an sonography ( sonogram ) of the kernel. Once infection is confirmed, your veterinarian will discuss the most allow discussion for your favored .

How do I prevent my dog from getting heartworms?

Heartworms have been found in dogs in all 50 states so all dogs are at gamble, even those animals that chiefly live indoors. fortunately, with medication, heartworm infection is about always preventable.

Ask your veterinarian about heartworm prevention. preventive treatment should begin at 6 or 8 weeks of historic period in puppies and after tests have been conducted in older dogs to determine if your cad has already been infected. An annual rake test should be run to confirm the dog continues to be damaging for heartworms. If your pawl does have heartworms, your veterinarian can advise you about treatment options .

Can humans contract heartworm disease?

Isolated and rare cases of human infection have been reported, however, the heartworm is by and large not considered a gamble to human health and direct transmission of heartworm from dogs to humans is not possible .
For veterinary professionals, more detailed information on heartworms can be found at

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