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Moving to Ohio Complete Relocation Guide 2022

Yes, Ohio is a great place to move to as the state is economically rich and homes many corporate offices. In addition, the state also ranks high in education, 
Moving to Ohio Complete Relocation Guide 2022
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Is moving to Ohio right for you in 2022? If you’d like to live in a state with a lot of friendly people, where the cost of living is low and home affordability rate is high, moving to Ohio is right for you.

Ohio is a moderately tax-friendly state, and guarantees access to reputable healthcare facilities making it a great place to raise a family. Moving to Ohio means you’ll enjoy tons of exciting outdoor activities including hiking, rafting, and picnicking.

Ohio also appeals to a large number of millennials as the average age of Ohioans are within the millennial range. So, if you’d love to live in a vibrant state with a lot of millennials, moving to Ohio will be a great idea.

If you’re wondering if moving to Ohio is right for you in 2022, we have all the right information you need to know about the state to make an informed decision.

  • The median annual income for Ohio is $56,477
  • The poverty rate in Ohio is 13.1%. The U.S. average is 10.5%
  • The median home value in Ohio is $150,374
  • The average rental price for a home or apartment in Ohio $1,095 per month
  • The average hourly rate for hourly jobs in Ohio is $27.15 an hour
  • The cost of living in Ohio is 82.6. The U.S. average is 100
  • Property and violent crimes rates in Ohio are lower than the national average

Make the Most of All the Information You Need to Know About Moving to Ohio

Here’s a quick summary of what we’re going to cover in this Ohio state guide:

  • Ohio has a booming job market:The booming economy of Ohio directly impacts the job market, which has been continuously growing for the past few years. The sectors that are booming in Ohio include IT, medical, manufacturing, and tourism. Some of the top job providers in Ohio include Cleveland Clinic Health System, Walmart, Giant Eagle, Honda Motor Company, and Berkshire Hathaway.
  • The cost of living in Ohio is low:Ohio’s cost of living is much lower than the national average. The state stands 9 th in the annual ranking of America’s cheapest states to live in. Everything in this state including house, rental, groceries, health, and transport costs lower than the national average.
  • Ohioans are friendly people:The people in Ohio are famous for their warm and welcoming attitude. Ohioans believe in the concept ‘take a penny, leave a penny’ because they believe it is the right thing to do. Strangers will wish you on the roads and complement you for small things and expect the same from you.
  • Access to a dependable healthcare system:Ohio has a health system that is robust but a little costly. Though earlier, Ohio’s health system didn’t have many takers, now it is considered as one of the best in the US.
  • Homes are affordable in Ohio:Despite the property costs steeply rising across the US, Ohioans can still afford a home. You can own a home in Ohio for $181,756.The median rent in Ohio is $1,200, which is $269 below the national average rent of $1,469.
  • An unparalleled beer Scene:Ohio has an unparalleled beer scene backed by about 300 breweries within the state. The state is the 4th best beer-producing state and this is a major contributor to the economy.
  • A massive park system:Ohio’s parks may be mistaken to be fallen down from some fairytale. So breathtaking, these parks keep the natives and tourists engaged. Some of the popular parks in Ohio include:
    • Cuyahoga Valley National Park
    • Hopewell Culture National Historical Park
    • Wayne National Forest
    • Hocking Hills State Park
    • Maumee Bay State Park
    • Salt Fork State Park
    • John Bryan State Park
    • Kelleys Island State Park
  • A thriving food Scene:One of the things that make Ohio most sought after is the food scene there. The Ohioan cuisine is so diverse and there are many signatures that you need to try while in Ohio.

    Some of the delicious gastronomy delights in Ohio are:

    • Buckeyes
    • Slyman’s corned beef sandwich
    • Troyer’s Trail Bologna and swiss cheese sandwich
    • Goetta
    • Pad paws
    • Smoked Salmon & Eggs
  • Beautiful architecture:Ohio has some of the best architectural marvels in the US. And the iconic structures in the state include
    • Frank Lloyd Wright’s Westcott House
    • Carew Tower
    • Old Arcade
    • Guernsey County Courthouse
    • Ohio Statehouse
  • A diverse mix of neighborhoods:Historically, Ohio is one of the most diverse states in the US and its neighborhoods are proving it right. A majority of neighborhoods in the state are culturally and ethnically diverse and the most popular among them include West Boulevard, Glenwillow, Whitehall, Forest Park, and Springdale.

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