How to Get Rid of Cat Allergies Naturally

How to Get Rid of Cat Allergies Naturally

Managing kat allergies can be difficult, particularly for cat-o’-nine-tails owners who enjoy spending lots of fourth dimension with their feline friends. It ’ second estimated that vitamin a many as 3 out of 10 people in the United States experience allergic reactions to pets, with guy allergies being doubly a common as dog allergies. While there is no “ bring around ” that will make you immune to cat allergens, there are several actions you can take to importantly reduce vomit allergens in your dwelling and alleviate your symptoms .

What Causes Cat Allergies?

Cat allergies are caused by being allergic to the Fel vitamin d 1 protein. This is an allergen found in a computerized tomography ’ randomness hide, saliva, and urine. Fel d 1 proteins are lightweight and can become airborne within seconds of leaving your kat ’ mho body. once airborne, the proteins can travel very cursorily and cling to fabric surfaces like clothe, upholstery, bedding material, towels, and more. Humans intake these proteins by inhaling them or absorbing them through the peel .

Some clinical studies have shown that certain computerized tomography breeds produce lower levels of Fel five hundred 1 proteins. Breeds such as siberian and balinese cats are sometimes referred to as “ hypoallergenic cats ” because they produce fewer Fel d 1 proteins compared to other domesticate big cat breeds. additionally, female cats and kittens besides produce fewer Fel d 1 proteins on median. It ’ s important to emphasize that these cats alone produce fewer Fel d 1 proteins and can still trigger symptoms in anyone allergic. Owning hypoallergenic cats may make it easier to manage your exposure to allergens, but the allergens will placid be present in the cats regardless of their breed .

Verify the Cause of Your Symptoms with an Allergy Test

The foremost step in treating allergies should always be an allergy test. Knowing the induce ( sulfur ) of your allergy symptoms will help you and your doctor develop a treatment plan that will help you live a healthy and happier life .

If you experience allergy symptoms after being around cats, you might reasonably suspect that you ’ ra allergic to cats. however, several other environmental factors could be triggering your symptoms. Before following any of the steps listed below, verify the induce of your symptoms by scheduling an allergy examination. At AFC Willowbrook, our allergy tests are capable of detecting up to 60 unlike allergens with a simpleton 15-minute skin test .

Schedule An Allergy test

Clean Your Home Thoroughly and Frequently

once you ’ ve confirmed you ’ re allergic to cats, you can start taking action to reduce cat allergens in your home. Because the allergens cats produce can become airborne and easily stick to surfaces around your home, regular and exhaustive cleanings are substantive to managing your allergy symptoms. here are equitable a few clean items you can do to reduce the number of guy allergens in your home.

  • If your cat allergies are particularly bad, consider wearing a mask to limit direct exposure to any allergens while performing any of the cleanings listed below.
  • Vacuum your floors and furniture at least once every week. If possible, use a high-quality vacuum with a HEPA filter to target smaller particles around your home.
  • Dust your home at least once a week. Dust buildup can contain many potentially harmful particles, including cat dander. Spray and wipe down surfaces with a multi-purpose cleaner after dusting for maximum protection.
  • Regularly launder your clothes and any fabrics or bedding your cat likes to sleep on. Keep worn and dirty clothes gathered in a hamper in a closet or secluded area of your home to reduce exposure to allergens. Washing laundry in warm or hot water will better eliminate allergens.
  • Use a natural indoor allergen neutralizer. Look online or visit your local pet store to find an anti-allergen spray designed to eliminate cat allergens. These products can eliminate cat dander in the air and on surfaces.
  • Change your cat’s litter box at least once every other day. Allergens can accumulate quickly in dirty litter boxes. Scoop out any waste and replace it with fresh litter at least once every other day.
  • Use an air purifier with a HEPA filter. Air purifiers can remove dander and duster from the air in your home. Depending on your home and your budget, having a purifier in every room may not be practical or possible. Having an air purifier in at least your bedroom and living room will have the greatest effect.
  • Wash your hands after petting and handling your cat. Try to avoid touching your face and eyes immediately after petting your cat.

Caring for Your Cat’s Health and Wellbeing

Establishing some regular prepare habits with your computerized tomography can greatly reduce the sum of dander they spread around your home. Brushing your big cat at least once every early day can help remove loose dander and decrease the amount of saliva left on their hair’s-breadth from their dressing act .

If your cat is centripetal to being bathed, you can try shampooing and bathing your caterpillar once a week. This method is highly effective and can reduce the concentration of allergens by up to 84 percentage. Chances are though that your vomit doesn ’ t like being bathed in water. In this subject, you can try dry & rinse-free big cat shampoo that are besides effective at reducing the concentration of allergens .

Changes to your cat ’ s diet can besides reduce the allergens they spread. Switching to food that has omega-3 fatty acid fatty acids and fish vegetable oil can improve the quality of your cat ’ mho skin and coat, and reduce surfeit dander buildup. Talk to your veterinarian about any extra diet options that can improve you and your big cat ’ s overall health .

If you haven ’ triiodothyronine already, make certain to spay or neuter your cat. Cats produce fewer Fel d 1 proteins after they ’ ve been spayed or neutered. Non-neutered males have been shown to produce the highest allergen levels, sol getting this procedure done by your veterinarian can have health benefits for both you and your vomit .

Set Boundaries for Your Cat

If the above options aren ’ thyroxine sufficient in alleviating your symptoms, you may need to set some boundaries for your big cat. If your cat-o’-nine-tails sleeps on your seam, try setting up their own sleeping area outside of your bedroom. Cat dander and allergens can well cling to mattresses and bedding material and greatly exacerbate the badness of your symptoms.

You can besides consider making other rooms in your home cat-free areas. Think of other areas where you spend lots of time, such as the living room or home office, and block these areas off from your guy. alternatively, you could limit your big cat ’ south access to different rooms to specific hours to reduce the sum of reach you have .

Experiencing Cat Allergies? Stop by AFC Willowbrook Today

The methods listed above are helpful ways you can manage the severity of your cat-o’-nine-tails allergy symptoms at home. however, you should always consult with your sophisticate about treating your allergies. The doctors at AFC Willowbrook can help by diagnosing, treating, and preventing your allergies so you can sleep easier at night. Contact us today to schedule an appointment .

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