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Better known scientifically as Nymphicus hollandicus, the cockatiel is among the most popular pet bird species out there. Not surprising, as these small cockatoos make a great addition to the family! If you just got yours or are looking to get one, you might be asking yourself: how long do cockatiels live?
The answer to this question depends on many factors. Let’s go into the life span of a cockatiel and how to make sure yours makes it to a ripe old age.

How long do cockatiels live in the wild?

As discussed in the article about the life of a cockateel in the wild, the biography of a crazy cockateel is not always easy. The lands they inhabit can be harsh and many flocks need to be mobile in rate to find the food and water system they need to survive. aside from being swift fliers and their grey camouflage coloration, cockatiels don ’ t very have any defense against natural predators like raptors .
Despite the above, cockatiels can actually make it quite long in the crazy if circumstances are favorable. The life cross of a cockateel in the fantastic is 10-15 years, although it can be a lot less if the bird is doomed. many chicks don ’ t make it to adulthood at all.

Gray cockatiel with yellow face | Guide on the life span of a cockatiel

How long do cockatiels live in captivity?

As you could have guessed, captive cockatiels have a better life anticipation than wild ones. Before we discuss their actual potential life, though, I ’ d like to stress that you are the one responsible for ensuring your cockateel makes it to a goodly old age .
They are wholly dependent on the care provided, so it ’ randomness fabulously significant to do equally much inquiry as you can before you get your shuttlecock and to never stop wanting to learn once it ’ s in your care .
A well-cared-for cockateel is a friend that can be around for a very meaning chunk of your life. Up to 15 years should be very attainable given there are no genetic defects or unlucky accidents. In fact, even 20 to 25 years and up are not unheard of by any means for captive cockatiels !
Considering the above, if you ’ re thinking about buying a cockateel correct now, make certain that you can offer a stable home for years to come before adding one to your family .

I dove into the Guiness Book of World Records for this article and found out that their oldest listed cockateel was named Sunshine, lived or lives in New Mexico and got the deed in 2016 when he was 32. If Sunshine is not around anymore, he might have been overtaken by Buddy Walders the cockateel, who was 31 in December 2018 and lived or lives in New Zealand .

Gray female cockatiel (Nymphicus hollandicus) | Guide on the life span of a cockatiel

Life span of a cockatiel: contributing factors

now that we ’ ve established the potential biography cross of a cockateel, let ’ s move on to the more authoritative act : keeping your shuttlecock glad and healthy so it can actually live to those impressive ages .
There are many factors that influence a cockateel ’ s health. As mentioned earlier some are familial and you can ’ t do a lot about them, but many others are in your hands .
We will divide the factors that influence the life couple of a cockateel into diet, arguably the most important, and general manage .


As with us humans, a proper diet is absolutely all-important in keeping a cockateel glad and healthy. And as with us humans, diet is much unfortunately not approached the way it should. The myth that a cockateel can thrive on a diet of only dry seeds is still very permeant .
It ’ s true that seeds make up part of a barbarian cockateel ’ second diet, but even the type of seed is different from the dry mixes that you can buy at the pet shop. Some seeds will be fresh, others will be partially sprouted.

then there ’ randomness besides grains, berries and anything the birds can pick off a farmer ’ sulfur fields : they will eat anything available, much to the dismay of those who grow crops. tied doomed insects might find their way into a cockateel ’ second beak .

Is it absolutely impossible for a cockateel to live off just seeds ? No, some of the oldest birds survived on a diet like this. But the truth is that with a less fatso and more vary diet, the chances of a domestic cockateel living a long life are merely greater. Their diet doesn ’ thymine need to be angstrom calorie-rich as that of their barbarian counterparts either, because they expend less energy day by day .
It ’ s handy to have a gamey timbre seed mix on pass and make it a partially of your cockateel ’ mho diet. particularly invent pellets can besides be fed, although neither pellets nor seeds should make up the bulge of what ’ randomness in the boo ’ s food dish. Mimic the natural diet by offering a across-the-board kind ( though one that is less calorie rich than wild ‘ tiels would get ) :

  • Fresh vegetables. Leafy greens are appreciated but you can try almost all veg.
  • Some fresh fruits. Apple, berries, mango, and more will work.
  • Sprouted seeds. Try sprouting bird seed, legumes and more at home or buy sprouts.
  • Treats (in moderation). Millet, honey seed stick and similar snacks can be especially helpful as motivation when you’re trying to train your cockatiel.
  • Extras: some unsalted rice, pasta or lentils. Boiled egg, herbs, some garden weeds and even some wild grasses work well and can be used to keep the bird busy for hours.
  • A mineral block is generally a good option. The use of cuttlebone has recently been debated but many bird owners still have one in their bird’s cage.

Keep in mind that uninfected water is of course besides crucial to your cockateel ’ s health. Ideally you should be offering more than one source, by going for both a dish and a bottle for example .

Gray female cockatiel (Nymphicus hollandicus) eating seeds.


apart from a desirable diet, there are besides some very significant care requirements that should be kept in heed for any cockateel. Accidents can happen well and remember that birds are identical sensitive to stress, among other things .

  • Obesity. A varied diet containing lots of veggies is an important factor in making sure your bird doesn’t pass away prematurely from fatty liver disease and other obesity-related issues. However, you should also be making sure its cage is large enough and that it gets plenty of opportunity to fly and play. Exercise is important!
  • Safety. I can’t stress enough how easy it is for a cockatiel to have an accident and be injured or even killed. An open window, an unsafe toy… scrutinize and cockatiel-proof everything before letting your bird close to it.
  • Stress. This is a big bird killer, but a slow one that you might not notice. Make sure your cockatiel lives a relaxed life. No kids teasing it, plenty of socializing (or a friend) to avoid loneliness and lots of safe toys to avoid long-term boredom are all important.
  • Air quality. Cockatiels, like all birds, have very sensitive respiratory systems. The room that your bird’s cage is in should be free of fumes at any times. These might not be what you expect: non-stick pans emit dangerous fumes, as do candles. Other common culprits are cigarette smoke, air freshener and perfume.
  • Vet check ups. Your cockatiel should be checked by an avian vet at least when you get it and whenever anything appears wrong. Ideally, you should visit your vet semi-regularly for a check-up. Remember, birds are very good at hiding that anything might be wrong and when you finally find out it might already be too late! Also have a bird emergency kit in your own home.

Gray cockatiel with yellow face spreading its wings.

How old is my cockatiel?

If you already have a cockateel and are wondering how a lot longer you might be able to enjoy its bearing, it ’ second helpful to know how old the bird is .
When buying your ‘ tiel, make certain to ask at the favored memory, as they might be able to give you a boisterous calculate. Buying from a breeder gives you even more security, as they will know precisely when the bird hatched .
If your set of purchase was unhelpful in telling you anything of value about your cockateel ’ sulfur age, you might get lucky in rare cases if it ’ second ringed. The leg call should broadly have a code that you can use to figure out when the bird hatched. additionally, if it ’ s a dame from a favored store, it ’ south normally relatively safe to assume that the shuttlecock is less than a year erstwhile.

If you adopted your bird from person else or want to be more precise in determining its old age but don ’ metric ton have a breeder or hoop to give you any pointers, you ’ re in a rugged spot unless you ’ re a aim expert yourself. If the shuttlecock is under two years old there are some humble clues that might help you out ; above that it ’ sulfur going to be adjacent to impossible to pinpoint a cockateel ’ south age .

  • A young male cockatiel before its first molt will actually look like a female: its face will be grey instead of the typical yellow that adult males sport. This molt occurs after around six months.
  • Young cockatiels will generally not be able to sing very clearly or at all (it’s mostly the males that produce tunes).
  • Males won’t start showing courting behavior until they’re about six months old and females usually become broody for the first time at around a year.
  • If you’re very experienced you might be able to use the appearance of the bird’s feet and face as rough indicators, though the differences are extremely subtle.

If you have any more questions about the life span of a cockateel or want to share your own experiences with these delightful miniskirt cockatoo, don ’ thymine hesitate to leave a remark below. ?

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