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nowadays, on February 12, 2020, Unilever announced that Suave is now PETA certified cruelty-free ( source ). What does that mean precisely ? Does that mean that cruelty-free supporters can buy Suave products now ? Or is it a similar tactic Dove, Herbal Essences, and Wet N Wild performed to enter the cruelty-free market under false pretenses ?
As stated in a former post here, sometimes a cruelty-free label can be misleading. Keep reading to find out if Suave is truly a cruelty-free brand now .

What Does the PETA Certification Mean?

To be qualified for a PETA documentation, a brand must comply with the stick to ( reservoir ) :

“ The brand must complete a short questionnaire and sign a statement of assurance. ” –

That ’ s it. It is a voluntary pledge that lone requires a signature. PETA presently does not conduct audits being to confirm that brands are however abiding by their assurance. The PETA certifications besides do not guarantee that brands don ’ thymine sell in markets that require animal examination by law. There are many PETA certified brands who either a ) inactive have suppliers who test on animals ( i. Rusk ) or bacillus ) sell in China, who requires animal testing by law ( i. Smashbox ) .
In the past, PETA has certified brands that are made and sold in China. PETA believes that brands have a means around animal testing if the products are made in China ( Dove and Herbal Essences for example ). however, this is not the lawsuit. Any mark sold in China, regardless of place of manufacture, is still subjugate to post-market animal quiz. You can read more on China ’ s animal testing laws here .
Takeaway – Just because PETA certifies a brand, that does not mean it is 100 % cruelty-free. A PETA-certified mark requires extra inquiry .

DOES Suave SELL IN MARKETS That Require Animal testing by law?

surprisingly, Suave is merely accessible in the USA, Canada, and South America. After digging into this, I have zero evidence to believe Suave is in mainland China. Unilever ’ s China page does not list Suave as an available sword. On Unilever ’ mho brand page, China is not on the list of countries that sell Suave.

Is Suave Cruelty-Free?

Yes, however… .
This is the beginning PETA-certified, Unilever-owned brand that is PETA-certified and truly cruelty-free by not selling in China and trying to go through loopholes. * * * however, Suave is inactive owned by Unilever, a rear party that tests on animals. If parent companies are crucial to you, Suave is not a 100 % cruelty-free post. On dislodge The Bunnies, in order for a brand to be 100 % cruelty-free the rear ship’s company must besides be cruelty-free. Otherwise, profits from the cruelty-free mark go to the barbarous parent company. consequently, Suave will not be added to the 100 % Cruelty-Free Brands List .
With many brands becoming PETA certified that besides sell in China, it is authoritative to constantly check the details behind the brand ’ sulfur claim. I am glad that while not 100 % cruelty-free, Suave is not selling in China. Thank you for educating yourself on this subject when deciding whether or not to support Suave.

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