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many of my clients want to know if it ’ mho OK to use coconut oil for dogs ’ ears with infections. But most of what they ’ ve heard about how coconut oil cures everything from the common cold to cancer is greatly exaggerated. Buried somewhere under all the hype are some nuggets of truth about the benefits of coconut vegetable oil in dogs .
Coconut oil applied topically is soothing and may help prevent the recurrence of chronic ear infections (otitis externa) in dogs. This oil is a gentle, natural substance that is well-tolerated by most dogs. When applied to a dog’s skin, coconut oil has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and moisturizing effects.
Let ’ s talk about how you can use coconut petroleum for dogs ’ ears to clean them and prevent infection.

How to use coconut oil for dogs ear infectionRed inner ear flap on a dog.

Why Dogs Get Ear Infections

environmental allergies and food hypersensitivity are the most common causes of otitis externa in dogs. It can be difficult to definitively diagnose either of these problems without spending a bunch of fourth dimension and money. Vets much make a presumptive diagnosis of allergy based on response to oral or topical steroids .
Diagnosing food hypersensitivity requires a several-month food allergy trial followed by a challenge with the suspected allergy food .
Parasites like ear mites are another basal campaign seen more frequently in youthful dogs who spend meter around other animals .
Bacteria and yeast infections cause secondary otitis externa, normally as a consequence of allergies or foreign objects ( grass seeds, hair, etc. ) in the auricle .

Coconut Oil Kills Bacteria and Yeast on Skin

multiple studies have found that components of coconut oil reduce populations of bacteria on contact, including Staphylococcus aureus. Staphylococcus aureus is a common auricle bacteria that overgrows in allergic and septic frank ears .
Photomicrograph of Staph. aureus, a common finding in dog ear infections inquiry besides shows coconut anoint besides stops yeast. Most of the studies examined coconut petroleum ’ south effect on Candida species which is not the chief character of yeast infection present in canine ears. silent, it ’ sulfur possible coconut oil would have a similar effect on Malassezia yeast overgrowth which affects dogs .

Coconut Oil Lubricates Allergic Skin

The moisture level of allergic skin is abnormal and allows for increase growth of bacteria. A study on humans with allergic skin disease found that coconut vegetable oil worked better than olive oil at reducing bacterial infection and giantism when used locally on allergic dry skin .

Coconut Oil for Ear Mites

ear mites ( Otodectes cyanotis ) are parasites that inhabit the auricle canal of dogs and cats. They eat the wax and petroleum produced by ear peel. They cause a bunch of inflammation and itch and sometimes even lead to secondary bacterial and yeast infections .
many different kinds of culinary oils can be used to clear the infestation by “ smothering ” the auricle mites. Coconut vegetable oil has the lend benefit of being a meek antibiotic agent .
What kind of coconut oil for dogs?

Should Dogs Eat Coconut Oil?

Scientists have found coconut petroleum has anti-inflammatory effects when fed to rats. Although it provided some relief from experimentally-induced ignition, it was much less effective than ibuprofen .
The nutritional value of coconut oil for humans revolves chiefly around its medium-chain triglycerides ( MCT ). In people, MCT oil may promote repletion and prevent fat storage ( 1 ). We don ’ t know precisely what coconut oil does nutritionally for dogs .
It ’ randomness important to note the antibiotic factors in coconut oil are inactivated in the presence of starch and protein in food. Proteins in the blood besides inactivate the active components of coconut oil .
That ’ s why including coconut petroleum in a chase ’ mho diet is unlikely to be effective in treating ear infection and ignition. Besides, many dogs are very sensitive to dietary fat and adding even a teaspoon could set off pancreatitis in some .
I recommend my clients skip feeding their pets coconut anoint. You ’ ll get a bigger bang for your buck by applying coconut oil directly to the inflame ear clamber .

What Kind of Coconut Oil to Use for Your Dog

In general, there are two kinds of coconut petroleum available in the mass market. Refined coconut oil is processed to remove some of the coconut solids after its urge. Unrefined, or virgin coconut vegetable oil is not processed as much and retains more of the remedy compounds we ’ re looking for to treat infections and inflammation .
spirit for virgo coconut anoint and if you can find an organic one, all the better for the environment. You can find virgo coconut oil in most grocery store stores ampere well as ordering it on-line. I like Raw Paws Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for Dogs & Cats, 16-oz -… which is both unrefined and organic .

How to Apply Coconut Oil to Dogs’ Ears

If your dog has an auricle problem for the first time, it ’ mho best to see your veterinarian for a proper diagnosis. For dogs with a chronic, low-grade ear infection, you can do home care consisting of regular clean followed by applying coconut anoint.

1. Clean Out Debris

I recommend Virbac Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleaner, 8 oz as an ear wash. It is easy and effective at removing impressionable sludge from inflamed pawl ears. It has a mild olfactory property and doesn ’ metric ton sting ablaze hide the manner apple cider vinegar or hydrogen peroxide does .
Depending on how inflame the ears are, I have my clients use frump ear cleaner casual for a workweek, or for less severe cases once or doubly a workweek .
Make certain to literally flood the ear duct with the liquid, wiping out the excess with a soft cotton ball. If you see blood, stop the procedure as wiping more can make excitement worse .
After cleaning with Epi-Otic Advanced, allow at least 30 minutes for the ears to dry .
Using coconut oil for dogs earsApplying softened coconut oil gently to a dog’s ear.

2. Wipe Ear Flap With Coconut Oil

future, practice warm, high-quality coconut oil such as Raw Paws Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for Dogs & Cats, 16-oz -… directly to the ear roll to moisten the clamber. You can wipe aside overindulgence vegetable oil, but don ’ metric ton rub as that can irritate the bark more .

3. Apply Oil Into Ear Canal

last, use a dropper or teaspoon to dribble a few drops of melted ( but not hot ) coconut vegetable oil into the auricle canal. lightly massage the al-qaeda of the ear to distribute the anoint .
Massage base of the ear to distribute oil in the ear canal. There is no need to rinse coconut petroleum off your frump unless you notice increase inflammation .

Side Effects of Coconut Oil

Despite its gentleness, coconut anoint can cause skin discomfort for some dogs. If you notice the skin in your frank ’ randomness ear looks red or develops bumps or sores, discontinue the manipulation of coconut petroleum and seek help from your veterinarian .
In the consequence of an allergic reaction, wash the auricle flap with mild soap then rinse the coconut oil off your dog with lots of halfhearted water system .
Use warmly saline solution several times to rinse the coconut vegetable oil from the auricle canal .


Scientific studies show that coconut oil has antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. But these effects are not a firm as those of pharmaceutical medications, so don ’ metric ton trust on coconut oil to cure a moderate to severe ear infection on its own .
We don ’ t have any studies that prove coconut anoint ’ s potency in dogs for any ailment including an ear infection .
In general, coconut anoint is a lifelike remedy that ’ s safe to use locally for auricle infections in most dogs. Watch for rare adverse skin reactions to coconut anoint application and discontinue use if this occurs .

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How to use coconut oil for dogs' ears.
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